Reusable Packaging

If you live in a modern city, the unsightly sight of overflowing waste and "recyclable" trash bins is something you are aware of. Due to the rise in online ordering and delivery, especially during the pandemic, this has increased significantly.

To address this issue, we are prototyping a reusable packaging system for urban cargo delivery use cases. Learn about our first item.

The Toughie Bag

Reusable Labels

Anyone who shops zero-waste knows, having multiple containers filled with similar colored flours, herbs, or oils, can produce some fun results when cooking. Rembering when you bought something by being able to glance an expiration date or recalling the source of where and item came from is information that gets easily lost as well as nutritional value and allergies.

Thus we are creating an experimental reusable tag and label system to identify where zero-waste products come from, their properties, and make it easy to get more of them.